Your Partner for Transcriptions


We understand the challenges faced by videographers. Long shoots, impatient clients and impossible deadlines are what you face every day in your business.


Our mission is to provide affordable transcription services that will help you deliver video projects faster so you can make more money. Quicker turnarounds result in happy clients and happy clients result in a more successful video production business!


Our Process:

1. When you complete a shoot, simply export your footage to .mp3 or .wav audio files and upload them to your web server or ftp. (,, etc.) Take care to make sure the timecode in the audio file is the same as it is in the video footage. If you have questions about this, feel free to contact us.


2. Send us an email with a link to download the audio files and let us know how soon you need the transcript back in your hands.


3. When complete, we'll email you the transcript(s) as a Microsoft Word document that will include time code (if requested).


4. If you see anything about the transcript you need revised, let us know and we will make the necessary changes at no additional charge.



Ready to get started?

Contact us today at 706-618-5154 or In most cases, we can have completed transcripts back in your hands within 48 hours of receiving your video or audio recordings.