"Upon discovering the day prior to the due date for delivering my 30 minute show to the TV station that my transcriber “couldn’t do it” without warning, I recalled a very recent Facebook post by a colleague about Angel’s transcription services.  I emailed her in desperation about my situation and to my amazement, SHE GOT IT DONE BEFORE THE TIME SHE SAID SHE WOULD!  I was able to deliver the show intact with closed captioning on time!  I have since utilized Angel’s services for the show and I have a new show that I hope to get off the ground and will continue to use Angel.


Angel is EXCELLENT to work with and the quality of her work is VERY good—even exceeding my expectations.  Usually when you see closed captioning you will find many errors, however, Angel’s work is very accurate and I couldn’t be happier.


I can also see her services being beneficial to other projects and not necessarily for closed captioning.  I sure wish I knew about her when I had several hours of footage where I needed to just go and grab certain bits by referencing the transcript and timecode for a past project… this would have been great! 


If you find yourself needing ANY transcription, please check out Angela Brown Transcription Services—you will NOT be disappointed!"


Jerome Cloninger


Kingsport, TN

"Angel is nothing short of amazing! She transcribes interviews very quickly and consistently goes out of her way to deliver a final product that is second to none.


She is very easy to work with and will accommodate your request to have the transcript be completed the way YOU want it.  I once sent her a series of interviews where the interview subject used words from a different language periodically throughout the interview.


I simply asked her to make out the words the best she could.  After sending me the interviews, she went back and found the correct spelling for the words and re-sent the transcript, without me even asking! 

If you work with Angel, rest assured she will go above and beyond to fulfill your needs. My business wouldn't be the same without her services. I use her constantly and highly recommend her to any videographer who is serious about saving time in the edit process."


Max Orenstien - President & Creative Director

Observe, LLC

Minneapolis, MN

"I'm a pretty high octane video producer in that I constantly have multiple projects in motion at the same time. Working with Angel helps me stay focused on the important aspects of my video business. For instance, it doesn't make sense for me to watch hours of interview footage to select sound bytes for the final edit when I can send the audio files to Angel and get them back in written form.


I don't know about you but I can read about 5 times faster than most people talk so I can get through the material much quicker than watching it in real time. This makes for a more efficient scriptwriting and editing process which results in better turnarounds for my clients.


I can honestly say that every time I hire Angel, she frees up at least two to eight hours of my time, which results in additional profits for me because I can work on other projects.


Another added benefit to her transcription service is that you can send the transcripts to your clients for them to review. Encourage them to select the best sound bytes and VOILA!, they've done most of the scriptwriting for you!


No matter how you choose to use Angel's services, it will be a win/win for all involved. She's professional, talented and affordable. I highly recommend her to any videographer looking for a better way to manage their production process."


Kris Simmons - Owner & Creative Director

6 STRONG MEDIA & MindYourVideoBusiness.com

Chattanooga, Tennessee

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